Selective DB dump creation and loading


As we remove a need (and want to encourage to stop using) config files, the JSON export of DB schema should be enhanced to allow for creating a dump with config only. This will allow to:

  • clone configuration of existing production instance into a cloud without moving users

  • backup and restore configuration without touching users (with more volatile and not admin controlled data)


Enhance UI and related service to produce a dump including the following selection of elements:

  • System config

  • Directory schema

    • Users

  • Audit logs

The above should be presented on export screen as a group of entries with checkboxes. By default all are checked. The Users checkbox can be only selected when Directory schema is selected.

Under the hood this should cover everything we store in current dump. 

  • System config... : should include credential definitions, authenticators, realms, flows, endpoints, files.

  • Directory schema: everything else except below points

  • Users: Entities, identities, user memberships and entity attributes

  • Audit logs - obvious

Import should be modified so that only the data that is included in the dump is imported. One exception is Users: when directory schema is imported but users where not included then in effect both the schema and the users are overwritten (in effect there will be no users).




Piotr Piernik





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