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Global attributes


Unity attributes are group scoped. This approach enables support for various types of multitenant deployments. Even for very complex deployments some of the entity attributes are the same in context of each and every group. Examples very from deployment to deployment, but typically name, first name, last name, often email address, contact telephone number, sex, ... are all the same.

Currently such attributes need to be copied to each group the user is resolved against with an attribute statement. While this solves the problem, it is an extra setup step, often requiring a lot of effort.

The task is to prepare a possibility to mark attribute type as global. Global attributes should be defined in an usual way in the / group. Then such attribute should be valid for the owner in any group she is a member. In case of conflicts, global attributes will behave as attributes from attribute statements, i.e. defining attribute type as global would be the same as a creation of an attribute statement copying it from the root group, to every group, with the 'skip' conflict policy.







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