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Create/update oauth2 authenticator in Console


This is to cover the scenario of creating/updating new Authenticator of oauth2 type.

Spec: https://balsamiq.cloud/sjvkm7s/pl9yeyv/rDD72

Page flow: https://balsamiq.cloud/sjvkm7s/pl9yeyv/r483D 

Additional information:

When User clicks the plus button on a grid with lists configured providers, user is redirected to new page to add oauth provider:

The provider's configuration contains translation profile definition, which under the hood is auto generated depending upon selected type of a template.
Auto generated profile includes the system one. User can however edit details or provide new configuration. When editing profile, the same widget should be used as currently in Admin UI.

Note that when user configures the provider, it is till in the flow of adding/updating authenticator, when provider's configuration is finished, user is redirected back to the authenticator configuration flow.

As this spec was done at some 2.8.0 release, the provider form definition needs to be adjusted with the newest features that are described in unity manual (Section: Standard OAuth2 (Unity as OAuth Client)).





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