Trusted certificates management in console UI


Menu changes:

  • Settings

    • PKI

Main page:

Add new/Update trusted certificate: 

This is not purely a UI work. Currently the PKIManagement offers an interface for managing certificates, however it is using in-memory only storage. So this needs to be changed as follows:

  • there should be possibility to add a certificate as now as a volatile certificate (in memory only), and as a persisted certificate. 

  • it should be possible to get all certificates (current API) and only the persisted ones.

  • the certificates configured in config file should be added as persisted kind

  • other currently added certificates at runtime are assumed to be volatile (added from SAML metadata).

  • certificates added in console should be added as persisted

  • only persisted certificates are shown in console.

Note it is envisioned that KPI page will be enhanced in the future with credentials management (and maybe even with truststore management).




Piotr Piernik


Roman Krysiński



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